DBMI Student Printing

DBMI Student can print to the two printers located in the student area outside the administration office located at the east side of the PH20. It uses the same CUMC Printing system PHAROS which also located around the CUMC campus. There are two printers located in DBMI PH20. They are both Black & White printers.

To use Pharos, you must first send a print job from a computer that is connected to the Pharos print queue. A pop-up window will appear prompting you to enter your login ID. You may then go to any Pharos printer on campus, swipe your ID card or log in with your MC/Exchange account, and select your print job(s) to print. Step by step instructions – including configuring your own computer to print to Pharos – are on the How to Use Pharos page.

Currently, Pharos printing only supports Macintosh and Windows. Other Operating Systems are not supported.

To Configure Windows System click this link.

To Configure with Macintosh System click this link.


Anyone wanting to use Pharos must have the following:

  • An MC/Exchange account – your page quota and initial login to the Pharos printers is tied to your MC (Medical Center domain) and Exchange (CUMC email) account.
    A CUMC or Columbia ID card can also be swiped at any Pharos printer to access your account; the first time you swipe it will require your MC login as well.
  • A Pharos page quota – used to track the number of prints or copies made from Pharos printers. See Pharos Quotas below for details.

Pharos Quotas

Per semester quotas of unlimited black and white pages and 200 color pages are automatically given to active students. Students must be enrolled in a CUMC program and taking classes at CUMC during that semester to receive the quota. Pages that are not used by the end of the current semester do not roll over into the next period.

Any faculty, students, or staff with active MC accounts who need additional pages can be purchase them at the cost of $.10 per black and white page or $.50 per page for color printing. Pages are sold in increments of $1.00. Pages can be purchased at the CUMC IT Service Desk located on the 2nd floor of the Hammer building.