Hojjat Salmasian MD MPH PhD

Lecturer in Biomedical Informatics

Dr Hojjat Salmasian received his MD and MPH from Tehran University of Medical Science in Iran, followed by his PhD in biomedical informatics at Columbia University. His initial research focus was on informatics solutions for identifying and reducing medication overuse, but he has since expanded the scope of his projects to other aspects of health care quality and patient safety.

In 2015, Dr Salmasian re-joined the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University as a lecturer. Along with Dr Adler Perotte, he designed and instructed the course titled “Acculturation to Programming and Statistics”. The course is designed to enable incoming students from various disciplines to quickly acquire the fundamental computational, mathematical, and statistical skills that they will need throughout their education at the department, and later on in their career in informatics. He also holds the position of Program Director for Research Science at the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital’s Value institute, where he leads analytics projects focused on patient safety and health care quality. Lately, his primary research interests include wrong-patient order entry, patient safety indicators, hospital acquired infections, and patient experience.