Data has transformed the study of biology — and here at DBMI, we have been a key part of that revolution. We are one of the oldest biomedical informatics departments in the world, and with the unique ingredients that comprise our program, we offer a truly distinctive experience for students looking to prosper in this field.

Year after year, our graduates go on to successful careers in academia and industry. DBMI students come from diverse backgrounds, including medicine, biology, computer science, mathematics, engineering, and public health. They build on the training they receive in biomedical informatics to become tenured faculty and academic chairs at top-tier institutions as well as leaders in healthcare and pharmaceutical companies and founders of innovative new startups.

From interactions with our renowned faculty to collaborations with fellow students who have a range of expertise, the relationships you forge here will inspire and guide the rest of your career. The breadth and depth of the DBMI experience will provide a solid foundation as you develop state-of-the-art computational tools to address critical challenges facing healthcare today.  Here are some elements that differentiate our program:


Our world-class faculty members are pioneers in biomedical informatics, computer science, statistics, systems biology, genomics, medicine, and public health. They have leadership roles at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center and frequently publish research in high-impact peer-review journals.


Our student body hails from all corners of the U.S. and many international countries. Our PhD students are fully funded, and several of them have also been recognized for their achievements as Fulbright Scholars and fellowship recipients. By working with our esteemed faculty, DBMI students routinely earn top awards for submissions at annual conferences.


DBMI is home to a number of exciting research projects that are often published in leading scientific journals, offering a lasting impact in the field. Students have access to a wide variety of foundational and interdisciplinary courses in DBMI and other departments, such as computer science, statistics, public health, pharmacology, and systems biology.


Our location at Columbia University Medical Center affords us a living laboratory within NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to both create solutions for compelling medical problems and implement this solutions real-time in our world-class hospital. Our work has an impact across all scales, from the molecular to the cellular, from the individual patient to the population as a whole.


Based in New York City, DBMI offers ready access to the artistic, cultural, culinary, and intellectual pursuits that make this such a vibrant and exciting city. Besides its world-famous restaurants, museums, recreational facilities, and theaters, New York is also the fastest-growing biotech hotspot in the world. Tech startups thrive here — and you can, too.