Welcome To Columbia DBMI

Located on the Columbia University Medical Center (CUIMC) campus, the Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI) is both an academic department and an information services partner to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, a major healthcare provider in greater New York.

One of the oldest informatics departments in the nation, faculty and students at DBMI have set the path for design of clinical information systems, methodologies in clinical natural language processing, and machine learning over electronic health record data. Faculty research includes the development and evaluation of innovative information technologies, which has led to enhancements in both health and healthcare. 

Both faculty and students work in a highly collaborative environment, applying informatics from the atomic level to global populations.


Our Commitment To Diversity and Inclusion

DBMI supports the overall Columbia University mission to foster an environment of diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism for students, faculty and staff. Please learn more about our work in this area, as well as resources available to our department.

An algorithm crunches vast volumes of patient data to reveal that two common drugs, each considered safe, can cause a dangerous heart arrhythmia when taken together. Thousands of women use an app to record their experience with endometriosis, creating a rich database for scientists who study that disease. A chatbot suggests how a person with type 2 diabetes might alter the morning’s breakfast to lower his or her blood glucose level. Those are just a few of the ways in which investigators in DBMI are applying data and advanced analytics to help transform many aspects of clinical care.