DBMI Retreats


Alumni Panel “Life After DBMI”
• Rachel Melamed, PhD ’15 (Assistant Professor, University of MA-Lowell) 
• Hojjat Salmasian, MD, PhD ’15 (Vice President, Operational Data Science Mass General Brigham, Associate Chief Medical Information Officer, Data Science, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Instructor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School) 
• Shaodian Zhang, PhD ’16 (Founder & CEO, Synyi.com) 

Rachel Melamed

Hojjat Salmasian

Shaodian Zhang


Alumni Panel “Life After DBMI”
• Mary Boland, PhD, MA (Assistant Professor of Informatics and Epidemiology, University of Pennsylvania)
• William Brown III, PhD, DrPH, MA (Assistant Professor of Medicine at UCSF) 
• Jen-Hsiang Chuang, PhD (Deputy Director-General,  Centers for Disease Control in Taiwan)

Mary Boland

William Brown III

Jen-Hsiang Chuang


Alumni Panel “Life After DBMI”
• Heather Cole-Lewis, PhD, MA (Director of Behavior Science, Johnson & Johnson) 
• Colin Walsh, MD, MA (Assistant Professor, Departments of Biomedical Informatics, Medicine and Psychiatry, Vanderbilt University) 
• Xinxin “Katie” Zhu, MD, PhD (Executive Director, Center for Biomedical Data Science, Yale School of Medicine)

Faculty Talks
Chunhua Weng, PhD – Professor of Biomedical Informatics: “Big Data to Knowledge for Clinical Trials”
Adler Perotte, MD, MA – Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics: “A Data Driven Informatics Stack for Biomedical Measurement and Inference”

Department Poster Session


Alumni Panel “Life After DBMI”
• Justin Starren, MD, PhD — Professor of Preventive Medicine (Health and Biomedical Informatics) and Medical Social Sciences, Director, Center for Data Science and Informatics, Northwestern University) 
• Samantha Kleinberg, PhD – Assistant Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology 

Faculty Talks
• Raul Rabadan, PhD – Professor of Systems Biology and of Biomedical Informatics (in the Institute for Cancer Genetics); Director of Mathematical Genomics:“Evolution of Brain Tumors”

Rita Kukafka, DrPH – Professor of Biomedical Informatics and Sociomedical Sciences: “Applying Precision Medicine to Breast Cancer Prevention & Medical Decision Making”

Department Poster Session

2018 Data Science Retreat

Keynote Talks
• David Blei, professor of Statistics and Computer Science: “The Blessings of Multiple Causes”

• Jeannette Wing: “Data for Good” 

• Matthew Jones, Chris Wiggins: “Data: Past, Present, and Future”


Alumni Panel “Life After DBMI”
• Yves Lussier, MD – Professor of Medicine, The University of Arizona Health Sciences
• Chintan Patel, PhD – Chief Technology Officer, TrialX
• Li Zhou, MD, PhD – Associate Professor of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard University Medical School

Faculty Talks
• Kai Wang, PhD

Patrick Ryan, PhD

Department Poster Session


Alumni Panel “Life After DBMI”
 Adam Margolin, PhD – Associate Professor & Director of Computational Biology, Oregon Health & Sciences University School of Medicine 
• Casey Overby, PhD – Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University
• Peter Stetson, MD, MA – Chief Health Informatics Officer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Faculty Talks
 Nicholas Tatonetti, PhD: “Estimate of Disease Heritability Using 4.7 Million Familial Relationships Inferred from EHRs”
 Soumitra Sengupta, PhD: “Clinical Data Availability”

Department Poster Session


Alumni Panel “Life After DBMI”
Jessica Ancker, PhD, MPH – Associate Professor, Healthcare Policy & Research, Weill Cornell Medical College
• Hui Cao, PhD – Executive Director, Global Affairs, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
• Jason Shapiro, MD, MA – Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine, Mt. Sinai Hospital

Faculty Talks
Lena Mamykina, PhD: “Data Driven Approach to Management of Health & Wellness: Towards Behavioral Precision Medicine”
Yufeng Shen, PhD: “Deep Genetic Connection between Cancer and Developmental Disorders” 

Department Poster Session