Postdoctoral Fellowship

Postdoctoral Researchers may be either Fellows (US Citizens or Permanent Residents appointed to our National Library of Medicine Training Grant) or Scientists (supported by a faculty grant). Those interested in the NLM supported Postdoctoral fellowship apply in the fall through the online GSAS admissions system. Those interested in Postdoctoral Scientist positions should email faculty directly to inquire about positions in their lab to which they may apply.

Degree Requirements

For the NLM Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, enrollment in our MA or PhD degree program will be required for fellows who have not had formal coursework and training in informatics. Appointments to the NLM Training Grant are for a maximum of two years per agency guidelines. In addition to coursework and a culminating research project resulting in an MA thesis or PhD dissertation, degree fellows must successfully pass a written Breadth examination. Degree fellows are normally assigned to TA one DBMI course. Non-degree fellows are not required, but are encouraged, to TA as well.

The NLM fellowship supports up to the two years of training. This will include a stipend, tuition, fees, and health insurance coverage.

In addition to formal coursework, Postdoctoral researchers on the MA-track are required to complete a master’s essay based on their own research and a Breadth Exam; Postdoctoral researchers on the PhD-track are required to complete a dissertation on their research.