DBMI papers selected for awards in AMIA Translational Bioinformatics and Clinical Research Informatics Summit

Congratulations to all your successes in the AMIA Joint Summit; a lot of great presentations!

CRI Distinguished Paper Award  to Chunhua Weng,  Anil Yaman, Shreya Chakrabarti, and Anando Sen. (How Have Cancer Clinical Trial Eligibility Criteria Evolved Over Time?)

TBI student paper 2nd place award to Joseph Romano. (Nick Tatonetti advisor.)

TBI student paper finalist to Mary Boland. (Nick Tatonetti advisor.)

Alex Rusanov & Chunhua Weng paper named one of Best Papers in Clinical Research Informatics

Congratulations also to Alex Rusanov, Chunhua, and former student Nicole Weiskopf for inclusion of their paper as one of the four Best Papers in Clinical Research Informatics in the IMIA Year Book 2015: “Hidden in plain sight: bias towards sick patients when sampling patients with sufficient electronic health record data for research.”