BINF G4001 Introduction to Computer Applications
in Health Care & Biomedicine

COURSE DESCRIPTION: An overview of the field of biomedical informatics, combining perspectives from medicine, computer science and social science. Use of computers and information in health care and the biomedical sciences, covering specific applications and general methods, current issues, capabilities and limitations of biomedical informatics. Biomedical Informatics studies the organization of medical information, the effective management of information using computer technology, and the impact of such technology on medical research, education, and patient care. The field explores techniques for assessing current information practices, determining the information needs of health care providers and patients, developing interventions using computer technology, and evaluating the impact of those interventions. BINF G4001 must be taken fall term of entry.


Nicholas Tatonetti, PhD

Class Schedule

Classes are taught on Mondays and Wednesdays in the fall semester.

Course is taught on main (Morningside) campus.  

Class Syllabus

1Clinical Information SystemsDavid VawdreyChapter 5, Chapter 6
2Translational BionformaticsNicholas TatonettiChaper 25
3Secondary Use of EHR DataGeorge HripcsakChapter 1
4Human Computer InteractionLena MamykinaJBI-Pratt-2004
5Cognitive InformaticsVimla PatelChapter 4
6DB ManagementKarthik NatarajanChapter 2Midterm Topic Due
7Health Informatics StandardsVirginia LorenziTBA
8Machine LearningAdler PerotteOptional HW 1 Assigned
9Applications: PhenotypingNoemie Elhadad
10Healthcare IT Policy and PoliticsDavid LissChapter 27
11PH informaticsRita KukafkaMidterm Outline Due
12Clinical Research InformaticsChunhua WengChapter 26Optional HW 2 Assigned
13CDSHerbert ChaseChapter 22
14Basic Biology + Bio DBRichard FriedmanChapter 24Bio HW exercise assigned
15Functional GenomicsTuuli LappalainenAlbert & Kruglyak 2015Optional HW 3 Assigned
16Systems BiologyAndrea Califano
17Microbiome AnalysisTal KoremBio HW exercise due
18OHDSIPatrick Ryan
19Natural Language ProcessingCarol FriedmanChapter 8Midterm Paper Due
20Cancer genomics/ Topological dataRaul RabadanOptional HW 4 Assigned
21Quality and patient safetyRimma Perotte
22Health Care Process ModelingSarah Rossetti
23Future of InformaticsTer ShortliffeChapter 28
24Final Exam