Staff Associate

TITLE: Staff Associate

The Department of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University has an immediate opening for a Staff Associate. The candidate will work in Dr. Chunhua Weng’s lab and is expected to perform computational tasks and publish scholarly papers on assigned research topics.

• Develop methods and systems to leverage clinical data and public medical knowledge to improve the accuracy and coverage of the human phenotype ontology and to advance the knowledge of genetic disease relationships.
• Perform team science projects in the lab.
• Publish in high-impact informatics conferences and journals for broad results dissemination.
• Perform other relevant research duties as assigned by Dr. Weng.

The candidate will interact with members of the research team, including working under the direction of principal investigator on this research project.  Attention to detail and responsive to project deadlines.  The candidate needs to be perceptive of things and events that are meaningful and relevant to the performance of the job.  The ideal candidate must have a commitment to excellence, strong work ethics, and have good communication skills.

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent plus 4 years of experience.

Strong communication and critical writing skills, computer programing, and adequate research background in biomedical informatics.

Interested and qualified candidates should submit a CV, cover letter and three letters of reference to the following website: Columbia University Recruitment of Academic Personnel System (RAPS).

Quick link:; requisition number – 00001386