Kang-Chih Chen EMSTM

IT Specialist

Years of experience in the technology field with knowledge of multiple operating systems and server applications. Have been providing optimized information technology solutions to research and business environments.

Born in Taiwan. Started to learn how to use a computer in the year of 4 with Apple II. Learn English typing without even knowing the characters until the age of 10 when officially attending the English class. Moved to New York during junior high and started working in computer store after-school at high school years. Teach multiple computer entry classes to Chinese communities and children and work as IT contractor and freelancers for years in computer field before joined the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University Medical Center. With great support from colleagues and families, finished his Master of Science in Technology Management degree at Columbia University to further understand better about how technology’s role is and how it should be among organizations and people.

Had open BBS during the 1990s, start learning a first programming language in high school, writing website HTML code with notepad in the late 1990s, had hosted online game platform MUD(multiple user dungeon) at the early 2000s using LPMud and program the game with Chinese in self-written Martial-Art backend stories. Start online business with Yahoo Marketplace, eBay, Amazon as a personal hobby and an additional source of income for years. Also began working on Linux environment in the 2010s.

Love to read stories and play strategy and simulation computer games. Enjoying cooking, playing piano, and sing Karaoke. He was the president of Chinese Student Association at Queens College. Kang hosted multiple events and tournaments for the school students and community. He was an active member of the choir and chorus during elementary, high school, New York All-City Chorus, Queens College Chorus, and Asian Chorus.

Belief about IT services: “Men created computers. Therefore, if the human makes mistakes, the computer makes mistakes too. That is why the world needs great IT people to help both human and computer.”