J. David Liss MFA

Associate in Biomedical Informatics

Mr. Liss is President and CEO of JD Liss Associates, a strategic advocacy and communications company focused on healthcare. Prior to that, he was Vice President for External Relations at BioReference Laboratories in Elmwood Park, NJ. Before that, he was Vice President of Government Relations and Strategic Initiatives at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where he was responsible for the grants office as well as government affairs. Mr. Liss is a much sought after speaker about healthcare and information technology in academic, corporate, and government settings.

Recognizing the potential for HIT to transform healthcare, Mr. Liss has worked for policies that support HIT and HIE, including the bill that created the precursor of the HIT Policy Committee: the Commission on Systemic Interoperability (CSI). He serves on the board of the New York eHealth Collaborative, the State’s public-private partnership that support the Department of Health in matters pertaining to HIT/HIE. He has served on the boards of or as an advisor to major policy organizations working on HIT, including: the CSI; Markle Foundation’s Connecting for Health; the eHealth Initiative; and the National Alliance for Health IT.

Mr. Liss has a Master of Fine Arts from Brooklyn College.