David Vawdrey PhD

Associate Professor of Clinical Biomedical Informatics at CUMC
Dr. David Vawdrey has been a faculty member at DBMI since 2007. He studied computer engineering and computer science at Brigham Young University and completed a PhD in biomedical informatics at the University of Utah. The focus of his doctoral dissertation was data acquisition from bedside devices in the intensive care setting. He also completed formal training in human factors engineering. In addition to his academic responsibilities, Dr. Vawdrey assists with the strategic decision making and day-to-day operations of New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s clinical information systems. As Assistant Director for Medical Informatics Services at New York-Presbyterian (NYP), he has led or participated in the development and implementation of several custom applications that are used daily by thousands of clinicians. Dr. Vawdrey serves as Informatics Director for EzVac, NYP’s award-winning immunization information system. He also has responsibility for the institution’s clinical data warehouse and helps guide the strategy for facilitating access to clinical data by research investigators. Dr. Vawdrey’s close involvement with the hospital’s clinical information systems provides hands-on clinical informatics research opportunities for faculty and students at DBMI. His personal research interests include improving electronic documentation, using information technology to support clinical collaboration and handoffs in care, and enhancing patient engagement. Dr. Vawdrey is the recipient of extramural research funding from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and Microsoft Corporation. He enjoys interacting with students and has taught the department’s introductory graduate level course (“Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine”) since 2011.